Lice Removal

Lice Management Nags Head NC

There are a few different types of lice that humans have to deal with. The head louse, the body louse and the pubic louse. Lice is an external parasite that has piercing and sucking capabilities which they use to suck blood from its host. Lice causes irritation and scratching to the individual having to deal with it and is easily spread. At room temperature lice cannot survive more than 48 hours if they fall off of the host. Most cases of lice can be taken care of through over the counter products and sterilization. Some cases such as sensitive spaces that can not leave an area vacant for a few days maynee to have a professional treatment performed.  


RVA Thermal Heat/OBX did a great job in a troubling situation. They were discreet and respectful of how we felt during the whole process. I highly recommend their services. They helped me out tremendously

William - Owner

Lice Treatments in Nags Head NC Using Heat 


Do you need lice removal in Nags Head NC? RVA Thermal Heat/OBX can help you take care of the any lice infestation. A female louse can lay around 6 to 10 eggs (nits) per day. The nits will hatch in about 7 to 10 days. It will take the newly hatched louse another 7 to 10 days to mature and reproduce its own eggs. Head lice will usually live up to 30 days when in constant contact with a host. This can cause lice to spread quickly and some environments such nursing homes, hospital, schools and other heavily trafficked buildings can not leave rooms unoccupied for days at a time in order to get the lice under control. RVA Thermal Heat/OBX can come in discreetly and use our heat technology to give you peace of mind.  If you need lice removal in the Nags Head NC area give us a call!